What should I do with my packaging?

What to do with your packaging

Packing Box: Clean, corrugated boxes are every recycling facility's dream. Let's do our best to keep this cardboard circling round and round so we don't have to mine for new resources.

Packing Tape: Your tape is made with algae ink and compostable adhesive. As long as the tape is attached to the box, it is recyclable. Your tape is also home compost-friendly.

Sticker: Our stickers are compostable, but we encourage you to keep them in the circular economy and recyclable them attached to larger paper or box. Stickers are small and most small things can't be recycled when they are on their own. They need to be attached to something bigger to make it through the sorters.

Something extra cool about our stickers is that they come on a recyclable backing. Sticker backings are one of the most difficult things to find in recyclable form, but we found them for you!

How should I set up my wall-mounted soap dishes?

For more details on how to set up your shower gallery wall, head over to our dedicated shallery page to learn how to hang your wall-mounted soap dishes.

How can I sign up for a seasonal soap subscription?

You've tried our soaps and you're in love. The only thing better would be putting it on repeat with the seasonal soap subscription so you can get our limited edition soaps to your door to celebrate the new season without having to touch a keyboard.