Our Values: Equity, respect and dignity for all living beings. 

Our Focus:  Sustainable ingredients and products that are ethical for both the environment and the global community.

In Our Community: We donate soap to a local shelters.

Packaging:  Our boxes are 100% recyclable and we reuse most of the packaging we receive.

(If you happen to see any plastic in our packaging, it is is either reused from a shipment we received or from many years ago when there either weren't other sources or we didn't know how to find them. We are constantly researching and working on solutions for more ethical and sustainable packaging.)

Calm CBD Salve

Do these crazy times have your skin aflame?

This salve is intentionally formulated for sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin. Perfect for calming blemishes on the face or body.

250 mg Full-Spectrum CBD.



Locally made from locally grown hemp and hemp CBD plants.

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