Nice to meet you.

Madison is a small-batch, woman-owned family business. We create our own ethically sourced artisan soap made with organic plant oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils, colored by earthen powders. Our soaps are certified vegan and use Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil, the strictest standard in sustainable palm. We love being involved in the process from start to finish so that we know the origin and handling of every ingredient in our small-batches.

Handcrafted Functional Art

We curate functional art from US based local artisans who create the things that inspire our everyday lives in the hopes they also inspire you.

Low-Waste Essentials

We offer low-waste essentials for the environmentally-conscious consumer. 

Values Driven

We value equity, respect and human dignity. We buy organic and fair trade when possible. We reuse as much packaging as possible and almost never throw anything away. We donate soap to a local shelter and donate to local organizations that align with our values. We hope you'll love what we've created as much as we do.

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