In middle school, Laura Daly dreamed of owning a business that would make the world a better place.

In 2003, she moved to Turkey and discovered open air markets full of fresh foods stacked high, spices by the barrel and natural soaps made from plant oils.

It was a connective experience to meet the people at the market putting their lives and labor into everyday items.

In 2013, when she learned to make soap, on a date of all places, she fell in love - with the guy, but also with the art

As single mom of two toddlers, living in a one-bedroom studio, she decided to pursue her middle-school dream.

A year later, she released a line of sustainable vegan and organic soaps made with essential oils.

‘My morning shower is what grounds me,’ she says. 

‘When I wash with an intentionally crafted handmade bar of soap, it sets a mood for the day.

It reminds me that I’m part of a larger community of humans sharing the same home.'

MADTOWN Soap Co donates soaps locally to both Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) and The Beacon Homeless Resource Center in Madison, Wisconsin. ❤️