Madison Soap Company has a new brand and a fresh new look!

In 2020, we all experienced this massive overhaul of our lives. Many of us realized the jobs we were in weren't beneficial to our health and well-being.


We realized how disconnected we had been from mother nature and were gratefully forced outside, where the vid couldn't spread.


We bought bikes, kayaks and hiking boots.


We went on long walks and got to know our neighbors better.


Many of us allowed ourselves that moment to slow down and really think about how we wanted our lives to look moving forward.


That climate was the womb of MADTOWN Soap Co.


Mid-pandemic, we gathered up all of the ideas we had been developing for the last several years and started to put them into action.


After eight years of running a soap company, we had learned quite a bit and we were ready to build something better.


A soap company that makes bar soap functional again.


A soap company that doesn't just use natural colorants and organic oils and call itself sustainable.


A soap company that goes the extra mile - that really thought about the problems people were facing with bar soap and set out to solve them. 


We went on that journey and came back with three solutions.


Solution # 1: Functional Formulas

We all love bar soap for because it's made from oils we can pronounce that we use in our kitchen; sunflower, coconut, and avocado. 

We love the unique scent of essential oils that take us back to our favorite outdoor memories. 

But we need a body wash, we need a face wash and we need a scrub. It's often difficult to figure out for what purpose a bar of soap was formulated.

That's why we developed three formulas that function as both a body wash and to scrub, shave or smooth our skin. Check out our unique bar soap formulas here. 


Solution #2: Wall-Mounted Soap Dishes

If you've been using bar soap for a while, you know. You know the trials and tribulations of a bar that becomes waterlogged and suddenly starts to disappear before your eyes. Where do you even put that bar of soap in your shower so that it will dry out completely between showers?

A shower caddy under the shower head - no way, too much dripping. 

A soap dish on the edge of the shower. Good luck keeping the bottom of the dish from filling up with water and falling into the shower.

We've designed the perfect solution for your bar soap in the shower. We offer four differently designed wall-mounted soap dishes and a wall-mounted shaving system.


Solution #3: Seasonal Subscriptions

There's so many pings and screens begging for our attention in the virtual indoor world every single day. Getting outside reminds of where we came from and what is real. Few of us can shower outside, but showering with MADTOWN Soap Co's seasonal scents is certainly the next best thing. 

We created a scent for each of our unique formulas - scrub, shave and smooth. We organized these scents into seasonal mood boxes that ship out four times a year, one for equinox and solstice.

When you subscribe to our seasonal box, at the beginning of each season, you'll receive a new scrub shave and smooth for your wall-mounted soap dishes to get you in the mood and rhythms of the new season.