Our First Soaps

Our First Soaps

Getting to know someone almost always starts with learning about where they came from, so here's our story.

8 years ago our founder, Laura Daly, started making soap in the kitchen of her one-bedroom flat. She was a newly single-mom with two toddlers. She started a soap company to show herself that she could and because she thought maybe, just maybe, she could make a real business out of it someday.

She kept it going because it was working! She discovered it was that thing that filled the middle of that venn diagram where what she loved doing, what she was good at and the work people appreciated from her overlapped. She made soap and worked on the business in her spare time from teaching and momming. 

The business started with fun shaped soaps for kids and adults alike, heavy with her favorite ingredients; single source shea butter, local Wisconsin milk and kombucha SCOBY's local to Madison, WI. 

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Our soaps were first sold at the Willy St. Co-op on Williamson Street in Madison, WI. I remember in our first meeting, the product buyer for the stores was nursing her infant (not on zoom, this was 2014) and I thought 'yes, this is the place for me and what I want to be doing.'