Organic CBD Salve

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Our organic, single-source, full-spectrum 250mg CBD hempseed oil is harvested, cleaned, dried and pressed by hand on a small farm in Prairie du Sac, WI. This precious oil is then carefully combined into a salve with calming calendula and nettle.

This CBD salve is intentionally formulated for sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin on both face and body.

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Ingredients: *Cannabis (Hempseed) Sativa Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) Extract, Vitamin E, Cannaboidal (CBD). *Organic

Net Wt: 1 oz

Made with Hemp CBD oil Batch 041819-01. 3rd party lab results here.

Our Full-spectrum Hemp CBD oil is from a single-source, closed circuit farm. The hemp plants are organically grown (no pesticides, no chemicals) by a small farming operation.

A note from the farmers:
"To make hempseed oil, I plant a 6-acre field with a grain variety of hemp (this year will be with my own variety of seeds), no herbicides or spraying of any sort (the hemp generally beats the weeds), I harvest it, clean it, dry it, and press it all in house. For the CBD, I have a much smaller plot of about 1000 hemp plants right behind my house, I baby them, mow in between the plants, harvest it by hand, dry it, cure it, and then John takes the biomass to extract the CBD."

What's different about our CBD hemp oil? ⁠

1) It's grown in Wisconsin, which means it's the freshest of the fresh.⁠

2) Every product comes with a batch number that shows the exact lab results of our CBD oil.⁠

3) While the legal limit for THC oil is .03%, our lab results will show that there is no THC in our products.⁠

4) Our lab results will also show that our CBD oil does contain the added benefits of CBD-A, making it a full-spectrum oil. ⁠

5) Full-spectrum means that there were no special chemical processes used to extract the CBD from the oil. It remains in the hemp plant, thereby providing you the full benefits of all parts of the plant. ⁠

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