"Namaste Clean" Mist

"Namaste Clean" Mist

Madison Soap Company

  • $12.00

You finally arrive at your yoga class. It's been a hell of a week. You can't wait to just lay down on that blessed yoga mat and let it all go. But, then it happens. You roll out your mat only to find an odd stank radiating off of it. Let's face it, that yoga mat can get pretty nasty. My yoga time is sometimes the only 'me time' I get all week, so it's very important to me that it be a fully pleasurable experience. This essential oil cleansing aromatherapeutic mist not only readies your mat, but also your mind. Made with antibacterial tea tree essential oil and calming, antiseptic lavender, this yoga mat mist will become an essential part of your practice.  

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