"Awaken Possibilities" Postcard

"We can awaken in each other possibilities beyond our wildest dreams." - John O'Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace


These quote collage cards are a glimpse into the art and daily practice of Vanessa J Herald, owner, writer and facilitator at Make Time Farm in Beloit, WI. Vanessa's quasi-daily emailed letters are food for the soul every morning. 

She takes quotes in which she finds meaning, types them up on all different types of paper and paper-like mediums and arranges them in meaningful ways among the natural world. To learn more about Vanessa and her process, check out our podcast.

Use these postcards to journal or to write yourself a permission slip. Hang these artisan collages on the wall or send one as a postcard to someone you care about. 

Artist's Statement: Writer and artist Vanessa Jean Herald stewards Make Time Farm in Southern Wisconsin. She holds faith in the powers of daily practice, noticing, goldenrods, and showing up as the primary tools for creating meaningful work. The Quote Post Packs are a product of a three-year practice of finding, collaging, and sharing a quote each day. Believing wholeheartedly in holding space for practice, Herald hosts a monthly Make Time retreat for community members to step away from the pulls of daily life and make what matters most. Learn more at MakeTimeFarm.com or read Vanessa's daily journal, A Fierce Practice.