Holiday Shipping Update

Happy Holidays! This page is dedicated to providing customers with information related to possible shipping delays during the 2020 holiday season. 

We at Madison Soap Co. understand how important it is to receive your order quickly, so we hope that what we share here will provide you with the necessary information you need to track your order and understand what is happening in our country this season.

Production Time: Because we make every piece of soap by hand, our production time fluctuates throughout the year based on order volume. This year we were ready for you and you showed up, thank you. All of your orders shipped within 24 and 48 hours of when they were placed.

Shipping Method/Shipping Time: All of our orders ship USPS. Your orders go out either first class (3-5 business days) or Priority (2-4 business days). However, because of the very large backlog of packages USPS is handling this year, those estimates are pushed out substantially. Unfortunately, we cannot control this, and once your package is shipped, USPS is responsible for final delivery (from the length of time it takes to the route the package takes on its way to you). 

Why is shipping so slow? There are a few reasons for this.

1. The very, very large increase in customers shopping online this year because of the pandemic has created a backlog all the way back to March/April when stay at home orders began and Americans began ordering PPE and other supplies online. 

2. Postal workers being required to follow covid-19 social distancing guidelines.

3. Reduced workforce in post offices and distribution centers as many postal workers (like many Americans) catch covid and must quarantine & seek medical treatment.

4. Reduced air traffic, which has directly impacted USPS's ability to get packages across the country in a timely fashion. Instead, USPS is using trucks to transport packages, which results in longer transit times and fewer tracking updates (and sometimes is the reason for no tracking updates for several days/weeks).

Read more about holiday shipping delays in this article in the New York Times:

"But this holiday season, online shopping will strain the industry as never before: An estimated three billion packages will course through the nation’s shipping infrastructure — about 800 million more than delivered last year. By one accounting, 7.2 million more packages need to be shipped each day this holiday season than the system has the capacity to handle."

What can we do? One action that has proven helpful to customers in the past is signing up for email or text updates directly from the tracking page. It might sound like voodoo, but signing up for these updates can sometimes "shake loose" the package and the system updates & starts showing more up to date tracking information. 

In addition, we created this certificate that can be printed out and placed into a holiday card to let the recipient know that their gift is on its way (we'll no doubt be doing this with our loved ones this year!). 

We totally understand the frustration of slow delivery, lack of tracking updates, and having to wait longer than normal for holiday gifts to arrive. We at Madison Soap Co. are encountering the same things with some of our holiday purchases for loved ones. We want to assure you that we hear you, we understand you, and we're right here with you, working hard to help our customers receive their orders as soon as possible. We are so incredibly grateful for your support of our small business this holiday season! 

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to email us. You should have received tracking information immediately after placing your order as well as the option to sign up for text updates. If you did not receive a tracking number, I can definitely get that for you. Please email with your order number in the subject line and we will be happy to help.

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I love this deodorant!

This deodorant uses the warmth of my skin to help the product glide. Once applied I'm good for the day without having to reapply. The citrus fragrance is one of my favorites and smells so refreshing. Additionally, the compostable tube that it comes in is easy to use and satisfies our families promise to reduce plastic use. This deodorant checks off all of the boxes for me.

Works well, just like liquid shampoo

I started using shampoo in bar form mostly because it's something new. It lathers up and rinses out easily, leaving my hair squeaky clean.
My hair and scalp seem much the same as they did after using my longtime shampoo of Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat. Shampoo in a bar will be especially good for travel as there's no worries about it spilling in your bag or being affected by airport TSA liquid restrictions.

Wonderful Purchase

After I saw a friend post about how much she loves this soap I figured I would give it a shot since I always am looking for shampoo bars. It has not disappointed. Not only did it smell amazing with it came but there were a few other little samples in there too which was a really nice touch. Being a first-time customer I really appreciated that. The lovely presentation as well. The product itself is also very high quality and I will be purchasing again. Please note the shipping might take a little bit right now but it was worth the wait. Thank you!


We are so glad you tried our soaps! We so appreciate you being a customer.

Take care,


I have incredibly dry skin. It is so terrible. I have tried so many different facial oils to remedy the dryness, and this is my far the best I’ve ever used. When I put it on I feel like my face thirst is being quenched. It really is a miracle product!

Great scent

Lathers nicely. I was unprepared for the amount of rinsing I had to do but once it was out the clean was thorough but not irritating.