A Craftswoman's Story

Hey, I'm Laura and I started Madison Soap Company as a bootstrap LLC in 2014. I was a single mom in a one bedroom apartment with my two little kids ages 2 and 6, just starting to go back to teaching public school full-time after a messy divorce. Making soap was my creative outlet when I was going through a difficult time. When everything around me was falling apart, making something tangible, beautiful and useful was my saving grace. The best part was the way it inspired my friends. Truth is, I’m nothing all that different or special. When my friends saw what I was doing, knowing how incredibly ordinary I am, they thought to themselves, “If she can do that, I bet I could do that thing I want to do too.” This thought. This feeling that you can do the thing that lights you up and brings your best self forward is what we stand for at Madison Soap Company. 

Sustainability and Ingredients

Our product formulas are based on ingredients that are both good for the planet and good for people. We use Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Palm Oil in our soaps and argan oil from a fair trade women's cooperative in Morocco for our lip tints. The Rainforest Alliance educates farmers in sustainable practices. The women's cooperative provides an academic education for the women who are employed there, thereby raising heir social status in their family and community. We believe in the empowerment of all beings to do great things and feel great doing them. We use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Most of our shipping materials are re-used and we sell to local vendors, keeping your soap miles (soap factory to retail outlet) low!

The Roots + Rain Promise

For every online order you make, we plant a tree in the forests of Indonesia, home to the endangered species that have been affected the most by the unsustainable harvesting of palm oil. #partofthesolution

In addition, for every bar of soap we sell, we donate a mini-bar to a local shelter that offers showers to any community member who may need one. As a community, we are only as strong as the most vulnerable among us.


Indonesia is home to magnificent rainforests, carbon-rich peatlands, and diverse wildlife like orangutans, proboscis monkeys, Sun bears and over 1,700 species of birds. We focus on the Kalimantan region in Borneo, home to the Tanjung Puting National Park. In 2015, rampant fires burnt and destroyed more than 30,000 hectares of its forest. We work with local partners to restore areas affected by these fires, as well as those threatened by the palm oil industry and illegal mining operations. 

Our partner's planters in Indonesia work to ensure balance is restored both environmentally and economically with the growth of new trees. This project helps to educate local villages about the importance of conservation, create jobs for those in the area, and provide long-term income for the community. To reach this area requires a four-hour boat ride through areas inhabited by orangutans, hornbills, proboscis monkeys, crocodiles, and many more unique flora and fauna.

To ensure your donation makes the biggest impact possible, our partner will determine which native species are most appropriate to plant for that time of year. Native Indonesian species that we plant include: Mentawa, Papung, Ubar, Halaban, Nyatoh, Jinjit, Betapai, and Sundi.


Trauma is extremely hard on the skin and harsh soaps, if you can even call them that, can be drying and irritating to already sensitive skin. So far, we have been able to provide boxes of our organic soaps made with essential oils to the Domestic Abuse Intervention Center (DAIS) and The Beacon, Homeless Resource Center on E. Washington. We hope to add other local resource centers in the near future.

If you have a recommendation for a local shelter that could use some soap, please let us know. 

Thank you for giving us the privilege and opportunity to be able to give. It feels really good. I hope you get that same feeling when you buy a bar, knowing what your dollars are going to support.

What is Madison Soap Company?

For me, it is my outlet and my connection to the greater community in which I live. I feel most alive when I am taking an idea and bringing it to life. 

For you, I hope to become a trusted source of easily accessible seasonal handmade organic botanic skincare that makes you feel great in every way.

Get in Touch!

If you have any feedback at all, or you might want to tell me your story, I would love to hear from you. laura@madisonsoapcompany.com

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