Dry Brush

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Made from compostable materials, this dry brush is great for stimulating circulation of the lymphatic system and removing dead skin.

Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump in our body unlike the heart for our circulatory system. The transportation of lymph relies on muscle contraction, physical activity, and the valves that prevent the lymph fluid from flowing back. Body brushing helps this process.

What are the origins of dry-brushing?

Body brushing is an ancient practice hailing from Ancient Greece, to the Americas, the Middle and Far East, and especially as part of the Indian traditional Ayurvedic treatment, called Garshana. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old Hindu traditional holistic medicine. The exfoliation and massage techniques of body brushing have barely changed throughout time. The benefits, such as improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, exfoliation of dead skin cells etc., have been constant.

Body brushing practice is such a simple and easy routine, and also very rewarding. It only takes around 3-5 minutes of your time, preferably in the morning, as body brushing helps increase circulation and boosts energy which leaves your skin feeling fresh, invigorated and your whole body enlivened.

How to dry brush

Start at your feet. Use short or long strokes toward your heart and lymph nodes, located in the groin. Continue upwards towards your hips, belly, moving towards the heart and the lymph nodes in your neck. For your arms, start at your palms and stroke towards the lymph nodes in your armpits. 

After brushing, wash off dead skin in a shower or bath with a soothing smooth soap like love or naked. Afterwards, apply a rich hydrating body oil and indulge in a glass of water.

If you don't have time for the full process, try out our scrubby soaps like Mo'jo or Wisconsin for similar lymphatic stimulation with your daily soapy ritual.

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102 reviews
Really very good

They fulfill their promise of quick drying and beautifully made. I love the softness and colors of the cloth and I highly recommend them.

Sunshine kit

Love all the products. My hair feels a lot better using the shampoo and conditioner bars ♥️

Love Lotion Bar
Margaret Fealk
Great new way to use moisturizer

I use it right after showering. Solid cake skin moisturizer is quicker to apply (no pumping or pouring), takes up less space on shelf, has no waste (darn last bit stuck in bottle), and it goes on dryer so less seems to rub off on clothing. Lotion bar smells wonderful, and my skin feels very soft and moist all day.

I LOVE this New Soap‼️

I LOVE this soap. I was in the Willie Street co-op two weekends ago and picked up the Mo’jo Coffee+Clove and and bar of Sunshine Turmeric+Lemongrass and I WILL NEVER BUY soap at the grocery store again. This soap makes showering An Experience!!!
THANK YOU, Madison Soap Co‼️ Wow‼️

Sunshine Deodorant
Sheenu Burtis
I love this deodorant!

This deodorant uses the warmth of my skin to help the product glide. Once applied I'm good for the day without having to reapply. The citrus fragrance is one of my favorites and smells so refreshing. Additionally, the compostable tube that it comes in is easy to use and satisfies our families promise to reduce plastic use. This deodorant checks off all of the boxes for me.