Local, Sustainable Soap Made With Essential Oils

In 2014, I was a single mom trying to figure out how to restart with two young kids and a passion for local goods and sustainability.

I learned how to make soap on a date and started experimenting with different oils, natural powders and essential oils.

I became obsessed with finding the perfect combinations for sustainability, hydration and pleasure.

I partnered with Vegan Action and The Rainforest Alliance to ensure a sustainable and ethical soap for my customers.

A few months later, I brought my creations to my local co-op.

I'll forever be grateful that they took a chance on my soaps.

The rest is history.

Mists, Lip tints, CBD Hemp Oil Salve and Local Madison Gifts

After accomplishing my first goal of seeing my soaps on the shelves of my local co-op, I started to expand into products like mists and lip tints.

In 2019, I started to sell corporate and personal gift sets with products from other local Wisconsin artists.

In 2020, my goal is to become an online haven for shopping local, sustainable and woman-owned goods and gifts. 

Welcome to our store.

We're so glad you made it here, to our little corner of the inter-webs.

We hope you'll hang out for a bit and look around.

Please reach out with any inquiries for custom gift boxes, or events.

All my best,


CEO & Founder

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