Product Spotlight: Sunshine Mist

Imagine a 30 something lady sitting on a couch from St. Vinny's in her one-bedroom apartment that she shares with her two cherubs. She just found out 6 months prior that her husband was cheating on her and didn't want to stop. In all the commotion, she misremembered her move-out date and when the landlord came knocking, she had to call on the husband to help her throw all their things in boxes and somehow get it out of the apartment they had shared. So back to the couch. She's sitting there thinking, "This is a gift. This is a beautiful moment. From here on out, there is no one to blame for anything that goes wrong. As much as I was by my culture raised to believe that my purpose was to create a space where my male partner could thrive, I do not need to continue to subscribe to that philosophy. I am responsible for my future and that of my children. I am not going take any more shortcuts or put anyone else in the drivers seat of my life ever again." All that to say, this is the backdrop to which this scent was created. I stood in my kitchen mixing essential oils until I found the perfect combination that gave me the energy to live my newfound truth. I created this scent for all of us who have had the shit kicked out of us and might need a little extra pick me up to remind us that we can make our own sunshine. Inspired by nature and the nature of real life, these botanicals in a bottle have been my most popular scent since day one. I'm not surprised. Thanks for listening to my story. On this day that celebrates freedom and independence, I found it fitting. Do you have a story of freedom and independence you're willing to share? I would love to hear it.

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