Get Free Stuff! A Guide for Bloggers

Get Free Stuff, Make Money, and Help A Small Business

What Every Blogger Should Know About Working With a Small Business Like Ours

Reviews help our business grow. We get

1. Product exposure to people outside our network 

2. Improved search ranking for key terms 

3. Feedback about the benefits and drawbacks of our products 


4. the joy of knowing we are helping you.

What's in it for you?

1. Free stuff 

Let us know what you think your followers will love and we'll do our best to send it over!

2. Tons of exposure

When we get a review we share share share it all over the place, creating lost of great new exposure for your blog.

3. Improved search ranking

from having more of your links in the inter-webs

4. Giveaway/contest stuff

If you're into that sort of thing, which undoubtedly brings in lots of more traffic, engagement and interactions for you blog. 

5. Content for your blog

Check out our dropbox of high resolution images that was created just for you!

Basic Criteria for a Blog Request

1. Let us know you are familiar with our company and our products.

We have some amazing products. Spend some time getting to know us and find a product that looks interesting to you and tell me why.

2. Give me your blog URL

It's important for me to see your site so I can see examples of your writing, your story and your message. 

3. Give me your social media accounts and stats

This gives me an idea of how popular your blog is and what kind of people I would reach with a review from you. Even if you have 100 people following you, if they're 100 people I want to reach, I will do what I can to reach them. We're a very small company. Getting 10 sales from your 100 people is huge for us.

4. Give me your traffic stats

Even if you only have 100 readers, if even 5% of them buy the things you recommend, that's a great conversion! 

5. Tell me your story

I'm really interested. When and why did your start your blog? Where are you from? What are you into? 

6. Follow up with me if you haven't heard back

I'm a small business owner and things get busy. If you haven't heard from me, it's because I was multi-tasking and may have forgotten to re-mark you email unread or write it on my to-do list. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out again.

7. Write the actual review

The first blogger who reviewed my products took months to actually publish the review, after receiving a lot of product. 

When the review came out, it wasn't the best writing, the photos weren't great and it wasn't even shared on facebook or instagram. 

Please don't ruin it for all the other bloggers.


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