The Slow Art of Becoming with Vanessa Jean Herald

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Writer and artist Vanessa Jean Herald stewards Make Time Farm in Southern Wisconsin. She holds faith in the powers of daily practice, noticing, goldenrods, and showing up as the primary tools for creating meaningful work. The Quote Post Packs are a product of a three-year practice of finding, collaging, and sharing a quote each day. Believing wholeheartedly in holding space for practice, Herald hosts a monthly Make Time retreat for community members to step away from the pulls of daily life and make what matters most. Learn more at or read Vanessa's daily journal, A Fierce Practice.'

Now for the first time ever, Vanessa's work is available in a set of postcards that you can use for yourself or gift. Find them here. Or add some peace and gratitude to your postcards to make it a gift set!

Show Notes

Vanessa Jean Herald:

The Slow Art of Becoming: @TheSlowArtOfBecoming

Instagram: @MakeTimeFarm

What you seek is seeking you. - Rumi




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  • wow! deep gratitude for this awesome interview. a joy to listen in to this toothsome dialogue! thank you, thank you!! encourage :: give heart :: YES!!

    miss polly on

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