The Rainforest Alliance

Madison Soap Co. wants to contribute to a better world for people and nature. That’s why we buy our palm oil from 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. The Rainforest Alliance works at the center of business, agriculture and forests, towards a world in which people and nature can thrive together.

The frog in the Rainforest Alliance seal is the perfect symbol of this mission. As an indicator species, the presence of the frog is a positive sign that the natural ecosystem is balanced and thriving. When we no longer see the frog, we know that the environment is compromised and other species within that ecosystem will soon suffer if we don’t do something urgently. That’s why we ask you to follow the frog – to make choices that help.

By choosing our products that carry the frog seal, you are supporting farmers in taking steps to make this soap more sustainable, creating a better future for people and nature. By buying our soaps, you help contribute to better farming practices, fight against the climate crisis, conserve our forests, protect the human rights of farmers and workers, and improve their livelihoods. Because only by working together can we create a world where we thrive together.

Learn more on the Rainforest Alliance website.







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