The best way to keep your skin hydrated and glowing during winter naturally

Keep skin healthy and glowing in winter with a magical little trick we call oil and water. This combination is the best way to keep skin moisturized in winter and prevent dry skin naturally. 

How to moisturize dry skin in winter

Oil and water don't normally mix if there is not an emulsifier present, an emulsifier being the agent that combines the oil and water into one. The magic of you is that your skin actually acts as the emulsifier because it recognizes the blend of lipids (fat/oil) and water as part of itself, the blend absorbs more easily than it would if you applied just the oil by itself. This combination of oil and water is what helps hydrate skin, keep skin moisturized and keep skin fresh in winter.

Try it out to keep your skin hydrated in winter: 

1) On the back of one hand, add only an oil; a facial oil, body butter or a rub of your lotion bar.

2) On the back of your other hand, add the same amount of oil (or body butter or lotion bar), but this time add water to it as well. 

3) After about a minute, note how much more hydrated the second hand with the oil and water emulsion is. This is the basis for how to keep your skin hydrated in winter and prevent dry skin in winter naturally.

How to hydrate face in winter:

Moisturize skin in winter naturally by a facial oil, combined with water. Our Moon Nectar facial oil was made for dry midwestern winters. It is made with deep nourishing oils known for skin softening, renewal and promoting elasticity and lightly scented with blue chamomile. In winter, I use one dropper full of Moon Nectar Facial Oil on my face, lips and neck in the morning and at night to protect my cheeks from the cold winds.

How to hydrate hands in winter:

Dry, cracked hands from constant hand washing and cold weather are entirely avoidable! Instead of using lotions that may sting your sensitive skin, try our whipped body butters.

Remember to combine this oil with water, not before but after you have applied the butter to your skin. Our butters are made without preservatives, which means it is important not to introduce water to the equation. Always apply with clean dry hands and then afterwards, add water to emulsify. 

Apply body butter and emulsify with water 1-5 times per day, depending on your hand washing needs and exposure to cold. To avoid getting butter on everything you touch afterwards, wipe fingertips on a clean cloth or paper towel after application.

How to keep your body moisturized in winter:

Keep your arms and legs hydrated all winter long with our lotion bars. The size and shape of the bars make them perfect for running along arms and legs. To make them easier to emulsify, I use my lotion bar immediately after my shower, when my body is already wet.

Moon nectar facial oil, body butters and lotion bars, are designed to keep your skin hydrated in winter.


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