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          Magnesium Oil by Madison Soap Co.

Magnesium is a mineral essential to many body functions. I spraying this oil onto my aches and pains as well as after my shower or before bed.

Magnesium is a favorite of pregnant women, athletes and anyone with difficulty sleeping. Magnesium oil is a combination of magnesium chloride, water and lavender essential oil to help in the process of relaxation.

It is similar to Epsom salts, which are essential magnesium sulfate and have a similar effect to magnesium oil. As it is a type of salt, if sprayed on a wound of freshly shaven legs, magnesium oil will sting. It is also said to sting if someone is deficient in magnesium.

Some recommend applying the oil to the "fatty" parts of your body to reduce the stinging, the belly, for example. 

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