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Laura Daly, sole founder and maker at Madison Soap Company, is a public school teacher living in Madison with her two children. Teaching and raising children is very much focused on the long game and making soap is a great way to get some immediately satisfying results. For this reason, Laura started making soap as a therapeutic outlet in 2014. She continues to love this business because it helps her combine her love for research into creative sustainable solutions to environmental concerns and functional art with a great backstory. From humble beginnings, Madison Soap Company has grown to wholesale at major retailers like Metcalfe's Market, Festival Foods and Hy-vee. Along with using Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil, the company started a new initiative in 2018 to plant trees in deforested areas of Indonesia affected by the palm industry. Laura is also soon launching the podcast, "Movers and Makers in Madison," highlighting the creative solutions of the people in Madison who strive to make this city a better place.

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