Ingredient Spotlight: Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Palm Oil

Madison Soap Company is so proud to produce soap made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Palm Oil. At our founding in 2014, after doing extensive research on the most stable, moisturizing, conditioning and environmentally friendly recipe I could find, I decided to stay a palm-free soap. I saw that many companies were using RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) in their soaps, but when I did more digging, I found that to achieve this certification, all distributors had to do is give an intention to produce more sustainably. This just wasn't good enough.

Then, in 2017, I found the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance sealcertifies on outcomes instead of intention. Their seal guarantees

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Improved livelihoods and human well-being
  • Natural resource conservation
  • Effective planning and farm management systems

Saving the critically endangered species on the edge of extinction due to the production of palm oil is important to this organization. However, on the ground, the solution is more complex. If you want the farmers to stop destroying habitats, there must be quality training on how exactly to do that. This is one of the things the Rainforest Alliance provides.

When it comes to protecting our forests, the Rainforest Alliance is one of the founding members of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), the largest sustainable forestry standard setter in the world. Products that bear the FSC mark and the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal are sourced from forests that:

  • Protect endangered species and forest areas of high conservation value
  • Set aside a portion of land as forest reserve
  • Provide workers with decent wages and protect their ability to organize
  • Follow FSC guidelines that determine how, when, and where timber and non-timber forest products are harvested
  • Respect the rights of local communities and indigenous people

After learning that we could support the efforts of the Rainforest Alliance in preserving critically endangered species and supporting farmers, I just couldn't sit this one out. Ignoring or bypassing the problem was not going to make it go away. I altered my recipe to include Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Palm Oil as our first ingredient. Being part of the movement to demand accountability from Palm Oil suppliers and publicizing this solution is my small way of making a difference in this world. After all, we are the ones we've been waiting for. These are our forests and this is our home.

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Works well, just like liquid shampoo

I started using shampoo in bar form mostly because it's something new. It lathers up and rinses out easily, leaving my hair squeaky clean.
My hair and scalp seem much the same as they did after using my longtime shampoo of Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat. Shampoo in a bar will be especially good for travel as there's no worries about it spilling in your bag or being affected by airport TSA liquid restrictions.

Wonderful Purchase

After I saw a friend post about how much she loves this soap I figured I would give it a shot since I always am looking for shampoo bars. It has not disappointed. Not only did it smell amazing with it came but there were a few other little samples in there too which was a really nice touch. Being a first-time customer I really appreciated that. The lovely presentation as well. The product itself is also very high quality and I will be purchasing again. Please note the shipping might take a little bit right now but it was worth the wait. Thank you!


We are so glad you tried our soaps! We so appreciate you being a customer.

Take care,


I have incredibly dry skin. It is so terrible. I have tried so many different facial oils to remedy the dryness, and this is my far the best I’ve ever used. When I put it on I feel like my face thirst is being quenched. It really is a miracle product!

Don't let a facial oil scare you

I have oily skin, with dry spots in the winter (classic combo skin), and have such a hard time finding a moisturizer that works for me. When I came across the facial oil, I figured there was no way this would ever be for me. But after reading Laura's description of it, I REALLY wanted to try it! So, I took a leap of faith, and I am so glad I did!! This oil is fantastic. It does not make my face feel oily, it has greatly helped my winter dry spots, and has a very nice, very subtle scent. Don't be afraid, try it!!

Great !

This lotion has such an amazing smell! I love it :).