How to make your bar soap last longer

The number one way to make your bar soap last longer is to:

Keep. It. Dry.

  • Think: air flow all the way around your bar soap
  • Think: letting your bar soap dry out between uses
  • Think: positioning your bar soap out of the direct line of the shower or shower head drips

Want to know some ways how to make bar of soap last longer - many times longer than liquid soap?

The bar soap that lasts a long time, is the bar soap that is uses:


  • Soap bags, in case you don't have room for a soap dish in your shower area.

Soap bags are also great for shampoo and conditioner bars.

They support lather and scrub in addition to being 100% biodegradable.

Our bar soap starter kits come with both a bag and a soap dish to get you started on the right foot.

To get the most out of my soap bars, I make sure to have three bars that I am rotating between at all times. When a bar gets difficult to hold, I drop it in my soap bag and continue to lather away!

How long does bar soap last? I mean really, how long can a bar of soap last?

You might be surprised! If you keep them dry, bar soaps generally last around four to six weeks, depending on how many times a day it is used, how much it is used and how dry it is kept between uses. 

What to do with end of bar soap?

When you get down to the last little bits, you have two choices.

1. Drop that bit into a bag, lather and repeat.

2. Get a new bar of soap wet, then get the bit wet. Then, stick them together with as much surface area touching as possible. The next time you come to check on your soap (when it is dry), they will have suctioned together to make a new bar of soap with your little fun soap baby kangarooing on top!




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Sunshine kit

Love all the products. My hair feels a lot better using the shampoo and conditioner bars ♥️

Love Lotion Bar
Margaret Fealk
Great new way to use moisturizer

I use it right after showering. Solid cake skin moisturizer is quicker to apply (no pumping or pouring), takes up less space on shelf, has no waste (darn last bit stuck in bottle), and it goes on dryer so less seems to rub off on clothing. Lotion bar smells wonderful, and my skin feels very soft and moist all day.

I LOVE this New Soap‼️

I LOVE this soap. I was in the Willie Street co-op two weekends ago and picked up the Mo’jo Coffee+Clove and and bar of Sunshine Turmeric+Lemongrass and I WILL NEVER BUY soap at the grocery store again. This soap makes showering An Experience!!!
THANK YOU, Madison Soap Co‼️ Wow‼️

Sunshine Deodorant
Sheenu Burtis
I love this deodorant!

This deodorant uses the warmth of my skin to help the product glide. Once applied I'm good for the day without having to reapply. The citrus fragrance is one of my favorites and smells so refreshing. Additionally, the compostable tube that it comes in is easy to use and satisfies our families promise to reduce plastic use. This deodorant checks off all of the boxes for me.

Wonderful Purchase

After I saw a friend post about how much she loves this soap I figured I would give it a shot since I always am looking for shampoo bars. It has not disappointed. Not only did it smell amazing with it came but there were a few other little samples in there too which was a really nice touch. Being a first-time customer I really appreciated that. The lovely presentation as well. The product itself is also very high quality and I will be purchasing again. Please note the shipping might take a little bit right now but it was worth the wait. Thank you!


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