Community Spotlight: Dane Buy Local

Posted by Laura Daly on

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Dane Buy Local Expo as a Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation Client. It was great to meet other small local businesses and make connections. Shopping local really does make a difference in our community!

The mission of Dane Buy Local is to "educate the public about the benefits of thinking local first, to promote our members and their products and services to the community, and to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to achieve our vision. Their "vision is two-fold: a sustainable, resilient, and fair local economy in vibrant communities that residents are proud to call home and a public that recognizes the cost of “big box” cheap vs. purchasing from locally-owned, independent businesses.

Dane Buy Local believes "that national prosperity and a better quality of life, for all, begins at the local level." I can get down with that.

To learn more of the wonderful things Dane Buy Local does for Dane County, check out their website here.

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