Juneteenth for people who do not identify as BIPOC


What is Juneteenth?

What can you do to celebrate?

If you identify as white, I encourage you to use today to listen. Read, learn, donate, sign petitions, attend an event and support local black-owned businesses.

At 6pm central time, watch a live theatrical performance of Freedom on Juneteenth.

Sign the petition to make Juneteenth a national holiday.

Watch documentaries.

If you are a small-business

and want more information about what you can do, I highly recommend this virtual town hall.

Also, here is a form letter you can use to ask your suppliers where they stand on social justice issues.

Thank you

As my way of saying thank you to the black community for waiting so long for folks to do the work, and to people who identify as white for stepping up to do the work, gratitude soap will be 20% off in the store this weekend. 20% of total sales in June continues to be donated to Urban Triage Inc.

I also chose gratitude soap for the deep red color that is a symbol in the Juneteenth celebration of the strength and courage of black Americans.


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